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Did geoffrey chaucer have any children?

He apparently had two sons and two daughters. Their names were Thomas Chaucer, Lewis Chaucer, Elizabeth Chaucer (Chaucy) and Agnes Chaucer. As a result of the limited availabl (MORE)

Who is Geoffrey Perret?

Answer Geoff Perret can think & writeGeoffrey Perret is one of the top historians working today. He started out as a chronicler of American social/political history with books (MORE)

What did Geoffrey Chaucer do?

Geoffrey Chaucer was a Fourteenth century English poet who wrote beautiful verses including the famous Canterbury Tales, Troilus And Crisseyde, etc. At a time when the English (MORE)

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Who is geoffrey semaganda?

Answer   Self made millionaire from Uganda, he a business tycoon, business speaker, business guru and humanitarian.   Geoffrey, at age 10, started working to look afte (MORE)