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How do you get certified api 570?

Depending on you current education level you will be required to obtain so many years experience in the industry(welding, designing, fabricating) and of that experience you wi (MORE)

How API in java is helpful to the java developer?

APIs are extremely helpful for developers because they are documentation of classes, their fields, and their methods. They explain how to use classes. APIs can save developers (MORE)

What is a API?

Application Programming Interface, allow external programs to make requests to the one provides such interface. Generally and minimally, the "published" public methods provide (MORE)

What is the difference between API 6A and API 6D valves?

  It's quite easy.   API 6A speaks about wellhead and x-mas tree equipment, API 6D speaks about pipeline valves.   If you are phisically looking to one valve, you ca (MORE)

What is API 674?

API 674 is a standard developed by the American Petroluem Institute for recipricating pumps used oil and gas industry. 674= style of pump
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What is API 751?

Safe Operation of Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Units...
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What is Web 4.0 new genesis API?

Web 4.0 would be known as the "Symbiotic Web". This would enable us to build more powerful interfaces. The API or the application programming interface would be an interface t (MORE)

Does cloud computing provide API?

Cloud computing does allow for Application Programming Interface or API. In many ways, API is essential for cloud use. A user interface is designed to enable the interaction b (MORE)