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What does geological mean?

"Geo" means "earth"; "logy" means "the study of". So geology is the science of studying the earth. Something that is geological would pertain to this science in some way; for (MORE)
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What is the geological term for Ayers Rock?

Uluru (Ayers Rock) is an inselberg, literally "island mountain", an isolated remnant left after the slow erosion of an original mountain range. Uluru is also often referred to (MORE)

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What geological events were in mesozoic era?

The geological events in the Mesozoic Era include, but are not limited to...    The breaking up of Pangaea.  The great meteor that hit earth destroying the dinosaurs 
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What is geological foundation?

Geological foundation, or Geology Foundation, is a foundation that  promotes geological education, research, and much more. It was  established in 1953.
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Did the Industrial and Market Revolutions make America a more Republican or less Republican society?

Economic revolutions worked against the creation of a republican society based on social equality, participation in government, and public spiritedness. The revolutions create (MORE)

Why is Iceland so geologically active?

Iceland is at the intersection of two sources of geolgoic activity.  First, Iceland sits atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the Eurasian  and North American Plates are slowly (MORE)