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What does a geologist do?

Geologists study the Earth, including Earth's surface and interior. Geologists study the origin, history, and structure of Earth and the processes that shape it over time. (MORE)
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What is a geologist?

In Greek/Latin, "geo" means "earth". "-ology" means "the study of". From this, it is easily deduced that "geology" means "the study of the earth" and that a "geologist" is one (MORE)
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A geologist is?

A geologist studies the solid and liquid matter that make up theEarth. This scientist also deals with the processes and historythat shaped it.
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What do a geologist do?

Geologists study Earth and what it is made of, as well as itslandforms. This includes rocks, rivers, volcanoes, and otherlandmarks.
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Who was a geologist?

There are quite a few famous geologists. Among them are Roy ChapmanAndrews, Mary Buckland, and Jack Horner. The father of Englishgeology was William Smith.
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Why are geologists called geologists?

The word comes form Greek Latin origins: Geo=Earth; log=to study; ist=person. I.e. Geologist = a person who studies the earth.
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How can you be a geologist?

I'd suggest you start by getting excellent grades in high school, concentrating on math and science, then completing a university degree in geology and perhaps further special (MORE)
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What is a sentence for geologist?

A geologist could tell you what kind of rock that is. I am studying to become a geologist.
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What do geologists do in museums?

Most geologists don't generally dream of working in museums. In fact very few work there. They are usually found in laboratories and outdoor regions studying the liquids and s (MORE)