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What is the difference between geology and geomorphology?

Geomorphology is subset of geology, you can say that geomorphology is included in geology. Geology is a broad term used for the science which deals with the study of soils, mi (MORE)

What is the relation between geomorphology and agriculture?

Geomorph deals with the changing of earth's surface which is essential to farming. Hillslope dynamics, soil erosion, water movement both over land during rain, floods, and irr (MORE)

What is the importance of weathering in geomorphology?

weathering helps in production of rock waste.Regoliths are those  weathered meterials that are found above the unweathered layer of  crust in weathering zone.It helps in soi (MORE)
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The scope and nature of geomorphology?

Geo-morphology is the study of the processes that form  land-forms/landscapes. For example, the processes that form a  mountain or a drainage basin, or how the channel of a (MORE)