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What is the definition of geomorphology?

The word geomorphology is the word used to describe the profession  of studying the Earth's surface. They study the physical features  and how they relate to the geological (MORE)

What is the difference between geography and geomorphology?

geography studies the surface of the Earth via maps whereas geomorphology studies the science behind the shifting of the Earth surface. (i.e. earthquakes, melting polar caps, (MORE)
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What is meant by applied geomorphology?

The practical study of the physical features of the surface of the earth and their relation to its geological structures. By Jamal Abdul Nasir from Pakistan, jamalnasir7@yaho (MORE)

What is the importance of weathering in geomorphology?

weathering helps in production of rock waste.Regoliths are those  weathered meterials that are found above the unweathered layer of  crust in weathering zone.It helps in soi (MORE)

Why civil engineer needs to learn geomorphology?

Why do civil engineers need to learn geomorphology? Answer: As the civil engineers need to involve in constructional purposes and all the constructions usually stands on the s (MORE)

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What is the difference between geology and geomorphology?

Geomorphology is subset of geology, you can say that geomorphology is included in geology. Geology is a broad term used for the science which deals with the study of soils, mi (MORE)