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Who was General George B McClellan?

General George Brinton McClellan was a Union general during  the US Civil War. He is most profoundly known for "winning" the  battle at Antietam. He was known as a very caut (MORE)

Why did the Barrymore's feed Selden?

Selden was Mrs. Barrymore's little brother, and even though he was a fugitive, she still saw him that way. So Mr.Barrymore fed Selden for his wife every other day until he fin (MORE)

Who was selden barrymore?

Selden and Barrymore are two people in The Hound of the Baskervilles. Barrymore was the butler at Baskerville Hall. Selden was "The Notting Hill Murderer", who escaped from Pr (MORE)

Did George B Mcclellan have any children?

Two, a son and a daughter. Neither of these children had children of their own, so McClellan's line died out with them. McClellan's son, George B. McClellan, Jr. (1865 - 1 (MORE)
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Who is Julia B George?

Julia B. George is an author who wrote Nursing Theories: The Base for Professional Nursing Practice. She is a registered nurse and has her PhD.

What was General George B McClellan's nickname?

He was called Little Mac and the Young Napoleon. Part of the reason  for this was that McClellan was a student of the Napoleonic wars,  and that his intellect was high as wa (MORE)

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