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Why is Henry Cisneros Famous today?

Henry Cisneros is famous for being the second Latino mayor of a  city in the United States. He was mayor of San Antonio, Texas from  1981 to 1989. He also served as Secretar (MORE)

Summary of Four Skinny Trees By Sandra Cisneros?

The author of "Four Skinny Trees" is Sandra Cisneros. In the story  the narrator personifies trees to represent herself. The narrator  describes the trees as if she was desc (MORE)
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What is the education of Sandra Cisneros?

The American writer Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Josephinum Academy, a Catholic all-girls high school. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree fr (MORE)
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Why is Henry Cisneros important?

he was the first Hispanic to become mayor in the United States. This made a great difference and changed life as we knew it.
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Evelyn cisneros awards?

 "Most Gifted Woman"    "Isadora Duncan Performer's Award"    "Achievement Award for Hispanic Women Making History"    "Annual Culture Award"    "Outstan (MORE)