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How do you make a chocolate cookie crumb crust?

  It is very easy. My cookie of choice is the OREO. Crush the cookies in a food processor so that they become crumbs. Then simple stir in a couple of tablespoons of butter (MORE)

How do you make homemade bread crumbs from sliced bread?

Cut whatever leftover bread you are using into chunks. If you wish, you can remove the crusts, which will give you a more consistently textured crumb. (I don't bother myself - (MORE)

How do you store fresh bread crumbs?

  in a plastic ziploc bag or bag u buy bread in with a paper towel in it it will stay fresh longer or place in freezer
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How many slices of bread are in one cup of bread crumbs?

About 4 slices of table bread will make one cup of bread crumbs. The bread will crumb best if stale or dried by leaving out overnight.
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Are bread crumbs made of bread?

Homemade bread crumbs are made from crumbled up dry bread. Commercial bread crumbs are manufactured by a number of methods, but not from crumbled loaves of bread. Sometimes it (MORE)