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Was George Gershwin ever married?

No. He was involved with Kay Swift for a decade, and she was the most significant woman in his life, but they never married.
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Where was George Gershwin funeral when he died?

Temple Emanu-El - 1 East 65th Street, New York, New York. (The same synagogue where the highly-decorated American composer Marvin Hamlisch was memorialized on August 14, 2012) (MORE)

What ERA is george gershwin from?

Modern! ERA is the same as time period, and in George Gershwin's case, the MUSICAl time period is what really matters, so yeah, it's modern.
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Did George Gershwin have children?

It is possible that the man who cals himslef "Alan Gershwin" is his son, but the family denies that Gershwin had any children. His collaborator brother Ira had no children eit (MORE)

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What instruments did george gershwin play?

    He played piano mostly. other than that I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out myself : ]
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How many siblings did George Gershwin have?

George Gershwin had 3 siblings,which were Ira Gershwin,Arthur Gershwin and Frances Gershwin.His parents were Morris Gershvin and Rosa Bruskin.
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