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Does Nathan Sykes have a girlfriend?

Actually, Nathan Sykes and dionne bromfield are just good friends. Nathan has been told that he is not allowed to date anyone because after the rumor that he was dating dionne (MORE)

Who is Nathan Bedford Forrest?

Answer   He was a Confederate Lieutenant General who served as one of the most gifted cavalry and guerrilla commanders of the American Civil War. After the war he became (MORE)

What is Nathan kress's promise ring for?

It's not a promise ring, it's a purity ring with the inscription "To Be Pure" on it. This is how Nathan responded to this question on his MySpace: "I've gotten some comments (MORE)

How did Nathan Hale show patriotism?

He gave his life for is country. He was a spy and was caught and  executed.
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Is Jean Craighead George still alive?

Jean Craighead George passed peacefully on May 15, 2012. She would have turned 93 on July 2, 2012. She is survived by her daughter, 2 sons, and grandchildren.        (MORE)
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How did pastor Nathan simmons die?

There are numerous rumors about the death of Pastor Nathan Simmons  and his sexual orientation. His cause of death has been listed as  Cancer.
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What did Nathan hale do?

1755-1776  A successful school teacher, he became part of a select fighting group known as the Rangers after capturing a supply loaded ship.  He volunteered to accept Washin (MORE)