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Did Paul Mallory die in Iraq?

There is no record of him, no military record, no record of a Paul  Mallory receiving a Silver Star and in the list of military deaths  for the USA there is no Paul Mallory. (MORE)

What does the name Mallory mean?

a strong but shy leader a good friend it also means beautiful, clumsy, and most commonly reffered to as unlucky.....I am definetly clumsy, that's for sure!
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Did Andrew Irvine and George Mallory die on Mount Everest?

Yes, on June 8th, 1924 at about 2PM. Mallory and his climbing partner, Andrew Irvine were descending from their failed attempt to reach the summit. At 2PM, a severe snow squal (MORE)

How did George Mallory explain the lure of Mount Everest?

In many ways, but perhaps most famously (and flippantly), in 1923, he quipped: "Because it's there." Later, however, he shared his truer reasons with the New York Times and (MORE)

Did George Mallory reach Mount Everest's summit?

Unfortunately, 99% of the evidence (but not the hopes of well-wishers) indicate he could not possibly have succeeded. The main reasons are: 1) Insufficient oxygen--eight hours (MORE)

When did Edmund Hillary and George Mallory climb Everest?

Hillary officially summited on 29 May 1953 - George Mallory was seen ' Going Strong for the Summit ' with Sandy Irvine in June 1924 by Neil Odell who positioned them above th (MORE)

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