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Why didn't george martin produce let it be?

Martin did produce the original sessions for Let It Be; if you pay attention during the movie, you can see him in Apple Studio working with the band. There was tension during (MORE)

Who is Georges Martin de Montreux?

If you refer to the clairvoyant scamming twonk, then I've just answered it. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY NEVER SEND MONEY VIA POSTAL,PHONE OR EMAIL OFFERS - PERIOD! If they wa (MORE)

Who was Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy who was shot and killed in an altercation with George Zimmerman, who suspected Martin was engaging in suspicious activity. As of March 201 (MORE)

Where does Martin live?

Martin lives with the Pygmy elephants in West Africa. He enjoys fishing and writing poems to his lost love clemintine. He also is an avid Badmitton enthusiast and manufactures (MORE)

Who is Paul Martin?

  Paul Martin is the presenter of 'Flog It' the TV antiques programme, I think he's a bit 'dishy'
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Who was Martin Cooper?

martin cooper was the inventor of the mobile phone . the answer for how he invented it is , he was taking a bath and he suddenly sprang up and he wanted to call his fjord . (MORE)

Where is Martin borman?

  Unfounded rumours aside, Martin Borman died in early May of 1945 while attempting to flee Berlin and avoid capture by the Red Army. While there was some doubt as to his (MORE)

What change did George martin make right away with beatles?

The changes that Martin made was really how they dressed. He met them in the cavern and seen how they dressed. The Beatles started out wearing "Elvis" types of clothes(since t (MORE)

What Beatles album did George Martin produce?

George Martin produced every Beatles album. With the Let It Be album, Martin supervised the original recording sessions, but the final mixing and editing was turned over to Ph (MORE)