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In the book A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin what is the milk of the poppy remedy?

It's a drink given to those who are in pain which makes them fallinto a dreamless sleep, made from opiates from poppies. Roy Dotrice- the Narrator for the Audiobooks- pronoun (MORE)

Who was George I?

George I (1660-1727) was a King of Great Britain and Ireland, and ruler of the House of Hanover in the Holy Roman Empire.   In 1714, he succeeded Queen Anne (1665-1714) to (MORE)

Why didn't george martin produce let it be?

Martin did produce the original sessions for Let It Be; if you pay attention during the movie, you can see him in Apple Studio working with the band. There was tension during (MORE)

Why was George Martin so important to the beatles?

it was their producer, giving them tips and tricks and actually writing solos and scores for some of their songs (he wrote the orchestra for Yesterday, for example) he was alm (MORE)

Who is Georges Martin de Montreux?

If you refer to the clairvoyant scamming twonk, then I've just answered it. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY NEVER SEND MONEY VIA POSTAL,PHONE OR EMAIL OFFERS - PERIOD! If they wa (MORE)

What Beatles album did George Martin produce?

George Martin produced every Beatles album. With the Let It Be album, Martin supervised the original recording sessions, but the final mixing and editing was turned over to Ph (MORE)

What has the author George Martine written?

George. Martine has written: 'Construction and graduation of thermometers and on the heating and cooling of bodies' 'Internal migration and its consequences: the case of G (MORE)