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Who is Preston Coly?

    Preston Coly is a Texas born Country Music Singer, Songwriter, and Musician with extensive experience in the production and business aspects of the Country Music I (MORE)

What is the value of a George C. Marshall us stamp?

The stamp has a face value of 20 cents, so it ought to be worth at least that.   Scott #1289   It can be purchased for fifteen cents used and 90 cents mint.   Dealers (MORE)

Who is Billy Preston?

He was a keyboard player who played on the Beatles album Let It Be, he passed away June 6, 2006
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Why was George C Marshall important?

George C. Marshall was a leader in many ways, even after his military career ended, he could not resign from public service. He urged military readiness prior to the attack on (MORE)

Who was George Marshall and what did he have to do with World War 2?

Answer   George Marshall was Secretary of State for the U.S. Post-WWII, Marshall traveled to Europe to determine the amount of money that was needed to help with the rebu (MORE)