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What is a sand saucer?

A sand saucer is a small mini environment usually placed in a saucer of sand. Made by children it's a way of raising money at school fairs. Each child creates their own mini e (MORE)

What is pineal sand?

A gritty substances present in cantral nervous tissue or in the pineal gland. Also called acervulus, psammoma body. calcified concretions. the pineal sand (looks like ink (MORE)

Can sand be melted?

  Sand can be melted   Sand is typically known in the scientific community as silica. And yet, with enough heat it can be melted. A perfect example of this is true (MORE)

How do you clean the sand in a sand filter?

By backwashing. Slowly reverse the flow of water to wash the particles off the sand. The particles will then be suspending in the water above the sand filter, and the water wi (MORE)

What is a Sand shark?

  Sand sharks, also known as sand tigers shark or ragged toothed sharks, are lamniform sharks of the family Odontaspididae (or sometimes - but incorrectly - referred to as (MORE)

Are sand dollars made out of sand?

Contrary to popular belief, Sand Dollars are not shells/molluscs. They have the appearance of a shell because of their outer carbon-carbonate skeleton.  They are actually li (MORE)

What type of sand is white sands?

White sand that found in the White Sands National Monument in New  Mexico and on beaches around the world is composed mainly of eroded  limestone. Also it can be made by par (MORE)

Is soft sand building sand?

Soft sand is not building sand. Both soft sand and building sand are types of sand and are used in building.   Building sand is courser than soft sand.what he is trying to (MORE)
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Where to get sand?

In oilfield, sand is observed in production from sandstone reservoirs. The sand is usually in bulk volumes and therefore if not controlled will plug the production flow. S (MORE)

Can sand be liquid?

No. Sand consists of solid particles. You can melt it, but at that  point it is no longer sand.
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