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Where is erika la tour Eiffel from?

Erika Eiffel, née LaBrie, is a US citizen of Italian descent. She has also lived in Japan during the early stages of her career in world-class archery, and trained as an offi (MORE)

Is there a tour de France for women?

Yes there is it is called La Tour de France Féminin and colloquially known as le Grande Boucle. It has shrunk in stature since its birth in 1984, and has been reduced from 15 (MORE)

Why are there no women in the tour de france?

B/c at that level of extended effort, men simply has too much of an advantage for a mixed race to make any sense. There's a shorter female version of the race instead.
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How do you get into the Tour de France?

If you want to ride, to compete, it's by invitation. And the  invitation is given to teams of riders. The riders will be  picked based on what they've done throughout the pa (MORE)

What sport is the Tour de France?

It's a multi-stage, road bicycle race. Lots of English speaking folks just call it "The Tour" instead of  Le Tour de France. It's the world's most famous cycling  (bicycling (MORE)

Why was the tour de france invented?

It was organised by L'Equipe to sell more of their newspapers. from two news papers having a feud In 1903 "L'Auto", the French sports newspaper now called "L'Equipe", staged (MORE)

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