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What happened to the defunct red coach inn that was located in georgetown Washington dc?

The Red Coach Inn in Georgetown was owned by a group of partners who were always disagreeing among themselves. At some time in the early 1970's it was sold to another group of (MORE)

Is Washington d c a state?

No, Washington DC is not a state, though there have been a few attempts to make it a state. Neither is it part of another state. The District of Columbia is just that: A distr (MORE)

Why is Washington D C a special city?

It could be because:   # of it not being a part of any U.S. state, only city in the US like this.  # of it being the heart of U.S. Federal Government  # of it holding m (MORE)

Why was the capital of the U. S. moved from Philadelphia to Washington D. C.?

The Founding Fathers were concerned that if the Nation's Capital was located in one of the original states, that state would wield undue influence over the federal governmen (MORE)

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