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Who was Georgie in 'No Woman No Cry'?

Georgie was an older man who lived in the Trenchtown neighborhood with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer. He would keep a fire going to light things up at night. Logwood is a common (MORE)

Does Georgie Henley Have a Twitter?

No. Georgie Henley has never had Twitter or Facebook. She has confirmed this many times and the most recent one was to the fansite 'Georgie Henley Life' to whom she sent a let (MORE)

Who was Georgie from the song the killing of Georgie?

Georgie was a real person. A friend of the renowned musician Rod Stewart, he was murdered in New York City. Everything in the song is true, except for the year of Georgie's (MORE)

How do you spell the name Georgie?

The nickname or pet name is variously spelling Georgie or Georgy. The given name is the boy's name Georgi, with similar names Giorgi, Georgy, Georgiy, Georgio, Gyorgy (Russian (MORE)

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