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What is an orchestra?

An orchestra is a group of musicians playing together. This group  usually consists of strings, percussion, woodwind and brass  instruments, but there can be other instrumen (MORE)

Hire an orchestra?

To assist with the Wedding Planning, I would like to help with this predicament. Although, traditionally, a wedding singer or band is hired to perform at the reception, an orc (MORE)

Is the Philadelphia orchestra a philharmonic orchestra?

Philadelphia Orchestra 2 The Philadelphia Orchestra is a professional full-time orchestra. It is considered one of the elite orchestras in the world. By that definition, it i (MORE)

What are the types of orchestra?

If you want to know which countries have Orchestras then go to  Wikipedia List_of_symphony_orchestras   Orchestras are as diverse as the music they perform, from opera an (MORE)
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Is the piccolo in the orchestra?

Yes, picollo's are used in full-sized orchestras, the London Symphony Orchestra use them in their performances. In fact, every orchestra uses one or more piccolo when the musi (MORE)

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