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When were the Confederate states readmitted to the Union?

The first Confederate state readmitted was Tennessee in 1866, the last was Georgia in 1870, after its 1868 return was blocked because it refused to ratify the 14th Amendment. (MORE)

When did the Confederate states rejoin the Union?

At the end of the Civil War. It was the position of the Union that the states did not have the right to secede. The dates on which the 11 seceding states were again granted re (MORE)

Is Tennessee a Confederate or Union state?

Tennessee was Confederate state. However the people of the state  were divided and many joined the Union army. Its capital,  Nashville, fell early to the Union advance but m (MORE)

The Confederate army was inferior to the Union in?

The Confederate had to build from scratch when the Union didn't. The Confederate Army was inferior in manpower and cannon. Equally significant, the Confederate Navy was dec (MORE)

What was different about the Union and Confederate armies?

Fundamentally, there was very little difference in organization, equipment, training, or tactical doctrine. Initially, both armies were composed of volunteers, with substantia (MORE)

What is a trade union?

It is a mediatory body which helps to settle disputes between workers and management. Additional answer A more likely purpose is that they fight for their members' rights an (MORE)

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