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Which languages are Germanic languages?

German, of course. English is kind of a dual-heritage language; English proper is Germanic, but a lot of words were added by way of French starting around the time of the No (MORE)

Which language is better french or German?

"better" isn't really fitting. German is easier to learn, but OTOH Germans seems to be a bit more eager to learn English than the French is. This would make French the "better (MORE)

How many dialects does the German language have?

The number of German dialects is simply impossible to count as so many different variations of the language exist. In some cases, language change differs from village to villa (MORE)

Where did the German language originate?

  Answer   German, or High German, is a Germanic language, specifically a West Germanic language. Its closest modern relatives are Yiddish, Low German, Dutch, Afrikaa (MORE)
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Is Latin a germanic language?

It is not. Latin is an Italic language. Both the Germanic and the Italic language groups come from a common ancestor called Indo European. Although they share a common ancesto (MORE)

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