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Why did the German people support and accept the Nazi Party?

They needed someone to take charge and get their country back to it's feet. Unfortunately, the person that stepped up was a Nazi. Hitler was able to manipulate them into belie (MORE)

What did the National Socialist party do that was beneficial to the German people?

This Group showed that Germany could have pride in themselves and to restore Honour into the Fatherland. The National socialist have brought both an unimaginable amount of job (MORE)

What was the National Socialist German Workers' Party?

The German Worker's Party is the Nazis.    It was a normal political party just like the Republicans or Democrats in the US.    They blamed the problems Germany (MORE)

Basic belifes of the national socialist German workers party?

The Party, during its rise to power between 1919 and 1933, would espouse whatever political belief that it could in order to get itself into power. The leaders often would say (MORE)

How many German political parties are there?

Social Democratic Party which is the oldest political party in Germany; the Christian Democratic Union; the Christian Social Party, which is the sister party of the CDU and is (MORE)

Why did the Nazi party not want young German people listening to swing music?

The Nazis considered swing to be "entartete", meaning "degenerate"  in German.    Jazz and swing were thought to be lowbrow and not worthy of a  supposedly superior c (MORE)

Who inspired German nationalism?

German Nationalism has a long and complicated history. Probably the  first real assertions of unique German cultural identity came  during the Protestant Reformation where a (MORE)

Who are the germanic people?

Germanic is a language group in north-western Europe which  comprises German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.  In the last days of the western part of the Ro (MORE)