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What is a gerrymander?

A gerrymander is an oddly shaped district design to increase thevoting strength of a particular party. The name comes fromsalamander-shaped districts drawn up the influence of ( Full Answer )
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What is gerrymandering?

Setting political boundaries in a way that favors one party. Thedrawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a party orgroup. an oddly shaped district designed to ( Full Answer )
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Is Gerrymandering constitutional?

There are no provisions outlined in the Constitution forbiddinggerrymandering. However, in light of recent partisan battles, legalscholars like retired Supreme Court Justice, ( Full Answer )
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What is a gerrymandered election?

Technically, the election is not gerrymandered. The electoral district is manipulated to give a party or candidate the strong likelihood of being elected, From the name of a g ( Full Answer )
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What is partisan gerrymandering?

When legislators draw geographical boundaries in such a way as to determine the outcome of an election to the advantage of one political party over another.
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Why is gerrymandering done?

Gerrymandering is done so that representatives can beguaranteed to be reelected. For example, a district is drawn sothat it looks very unusual (example searching "Luis Gutierr ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gerrymander?

Gerrymander is not a person but refers to a political act. Thisprocess uses district boundaries to create a political advantagefor a particular party.
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Why is gerrymandering allowed?

It's too difficult to stop because it's tricky to write a law that will regulate the drawing of district boundaries suitably.
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What is a result of gerrymandering?

It either increases or decreases the voting power of a segment of the population and, consequently, makes more or less likely the election of a specific candidate or kind of c ( Full Answer )