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How did japan come to world power?

Before World War 2, Japanese products were junk. At the beginning of World War 2, Japanese Fighter Airplanes (Zeroes) were superior to American Planes. During World War 2, Ame (MORE)

Was japan involved in World War I?

no __ Yes it was. Japan was on the Allies side during the war. The Japanese navy fought the German navy in a number of battles and was instrumental in capturing Germany's (MORE)

What was Japans involvement in World War 2?

They were all fighting because of he way there government was and because the Japanese wanted to expand there empire and the US as well as other countries didnt like this.
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Why did japan get into World War 2?

I will be assuming this question is asking "why did Japan enter war with the United States", as the Pacific theater of war actually began in 1937 when a Japanese army statione (MORE)

Why did Japan isolate itself from the world?

Because of the dangers from the outside world. For example, the  Europeans were spreading Christianity and trading at the time.  Tokugawa, the ruler feared these European ac (MORE)

How has Japan influenced the world?

Japan has influenced the world in alot of things. I'll list the ones that come off the top of my head: Architecture (Japan's beautiful temples are a great example) Video-gamin (MORE)
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