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Was japan involved in World War I?

no __ Yes it was. Japan was on the Allies side during the war. The Japanese navy fought the German navy in a number of battles and was instrumental in capturing Germany's (MORE)

How did Japan lose in World War 2?

It wasn't because of the atomic bombs like many people think, or the bombing of major Japanese cities that took place. The military were in charge of Japan during WWII, and ci (MORE)

President of japan in the World War 2?

  There was no president in Japan; Japan was an empire, and the Emperor Hirohito was on the throne. Until the end of the war, Hirohito was considered to be literally divin (MORE)

Why did Japan isolate itself from the world?

Because of the dangers from the outside world. For example, the  Europeans were spreading Christianity and trading at the time.  Tokugawa, the ruler feared these European ac (MORE)

How has Japan influenced the world?

Japan has influenced the world in alot of things. I'll list the ones that come off the top of my head: Architecture (Japan's beautiful temples are a great example) Video-gamin (MORE)

When did Japan surrender in world war 1?

Oh... No, you are misinformed. Japan is an Ally of the West in WW1. Japan fights against the Central Powers. Mainly with naval forces, Japan sends ships to the Mediterranean t (MORE)