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How does gertrude die in Hamlet?

Gertrude accidentally drinks from the poisoned cup, which Polonius had intended for Hamlet to drink from during his duel with Laertes. (In some productions, Gertrude knows tha (MORE)
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What did Gertrude Belle Elion die from?

Gertrude Belle Elion died on the 21st of February 1999. Her close relatives said that she had had enough of the fame she was getting so she decided to overdose herself with me (MORE)
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How does Gertrude die in the book Hamlet?

Queen Gertrude dies because she accidently drinks out of the poisoned cup that was intended for Hamlet to drink from. She dies from drinking poisoned wine that King Claudius (MORE)

What is gertrude famous for?

Gertrude Elion is famous for her research in biochemistry. One of  them had contributed to the development of AZT, a drug for AIDS.
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What were the contributions of Gertrude B Elion?

she was an amazing woman and she contributed a lot some are below:     1. her work was fundamental in developing chemotherapy   2. She invented the leukemia-fightin (MORE)

What poison killed Queen Gertrude?

  Claudius tries to poison Hamlet, but the Queen Drinks the poisoned wine. The poison would need to be able to have been put in the wine easily, and not noticeable in the (MORE)

Is Gertrude B Elion married?

No, she is not married. After the love of her life, Leonard Canter, died, she had no intention of marriage.
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Is gertrude loyal to claudius?

She appears to be completely loyal to him up to the point where Hamlet says (in the closet scene) "Almost as bad, dear mother, as kill a king, and marry with his brother." Ham (MORE)
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