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What is a gesture?

The word gesture is defined as a movement that is made by a bodypart. This movement is typically the hand or head that signifies anidea or meaning.

What is gesture drawing?

A gesture drawing is a quick drwing meant to show movemwnt. You can practice by having someone stand in an action pose while you take 45 seconds to draw them.Do not add detail (MORE)

What does gestures mean?

it is an act to show something like shaking your fist at someone shows that you are angry with them or pointing somewhere shows where something is
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What does gesturing mean?

\nIt means to make a sign. he was gesturing his disapproval by pointing his thumbs down.\nShe was gesturing the directions by pointing to the left.
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What are nonverbal gestures?

Some examples of nonverbal gestures: . nodding ones head to indicate "yes" . shaking ones head to indicate "no" . pointing . waving ones hand when greeting another . s (MORE)

What are the gestures of Confirmation?

During the process of Confirmation. The gestures the Bishop uses are anointing with oil on the forehead of all the people becoming Confirmed, this oil which is called chrism r (MORE)
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What is gesture and posture?

posture is the way you sit and stand etc. gesture is a form of non-verbal communication in which visible bodily actions communicate particular messages, either in place of spe (MORE)