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Why did Russia back out of World War 1?

Russia was in the midst of a revolution, they can't fight a war when they're fighting themselves, and communism started to spread amongst the country.. At the start of the war (MORE)

What is on the back of a US 1 dollar bill?

The circle on the left of the bill pictures an unfinished pyramid with 13 steps. There is an eye within a triangle above the pyramid; light radiates from the eye. The circle o (MORE)

Why does the clock go back 1 hour?

In the olden days the clocks went back an hour so that the farmers had more time in the light to do their farming, I don't know why they still go back now... I guess it's just (MORE)

What happens in back to the future 1?

Marty goes back in time in a time-machine delorian to when his parents were his age and he interferes in their lives so they never meet. He has to get them back together befor (MORE)