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Are there Tigers in Ghana?

There are no wild tigers in Ghana. Many people mistranslate the word for "leopard" as "tiger". There are wild leopards in Ghana and they both act like and are treated like tig (MORE)

Why do you call it Ghana?

The nation of Ghana in Africa was named for the ancient Ghana Empire, or Kingdom. In the language used in that ancient kingdom, 'ghana' meant, "Warrior King", a name, no doubt (MORE)

Who are guans in Ghana?

Guans are believed to be the first settlers in the modern day Ghana. They are scattered across all the regions in Ghana. Guans speak distinct languages which are different fro (MORE)

Do you have Citibank in Ghana?

They have a representative office where account holders from the USA etc can access certain services: Here are the details available Company Name | : | Citibank N.A. Ghana R (MORE)

How big is Ghana?

Ghana has an area of 92,098 square miles and has a population of 22,900,000.
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Where is Ghana?

Ghana is at the western part of Africa (Actually in the geographic region known as West Africa) the republic of Ghana is located on the west cast of Africa, along the equato (MORE)

Who is the king of Ghana?

There is no king of Ghana. Ghana is a constitutional democracy, and  has a president. The president of Ghana is John Dramani Mahama.
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Why is Ghana an LEDC?

Ghana is an LEDC country because in the late 16 hundreds the British came and took all their natural resources and now they have no industries. As a result of this Ghana has t (MORE)

Is Ghana a coloinsed Ghana?

No, Ghana is an independent country. It used to be colonised by the British but has been independent since 1957.
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What are facts about Ghana?

interesting facts about Ghana was that matter of fact their was star wars in Ghana and Darth vaders grave is their with his light saberThere is a place called Apam in Ghana's (MORE)