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What was the curse given to Karna by Parushurama?

The story of Parashurama and Karna is in the Mahabharata, a significant Sanskrit epic that is very important in Hinduism. Parashurama gave Karna a curse that his weapon, the (MORE)

Is karna the greatest warrior of Mahabharata?

Yes. He was probably the greatest warrior who fought in the Mahabharata War. He was considered to be more talented than Arjuna was considered the best. However, because he was (MORE)

Who was the guru of Karna in Mahabharata?

After being refused by Dronacharya, Karna sought his brother Shona's help. But according to Indian culture, to learn an art you must have a guru (teacher), so Karna appointed (MORE)

Is karna a pandava?

No!First he was not a pandava ner the kaurava.And because Karna want to kill arjuna Bheema said no way!But Dhuryodhana was wild to hear Bheema and made Karna the King of anga. (MORE)

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