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What are ghosts?

If you dont believe i them then you wont get haunted by them you just dont believe in them and by the way there id no such things as ghosts people only believe in them because (MORE)
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What is ghosting?

Ghosting is a sport that is known as 'Personal Space Invading'. Pretty much, you start walking in a public place, and when someone walks past you, you turn around and start fo (MORE)
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What about the ghost?

ghosts are mysterious, i have spent 4 years as a ghost hunter but never saw one until the last day
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What can ghosts do to you?

People often get confused with this it is actually poltergeiststhat harm you and/or move objects around ghosts are just anapparition so like a hologram really. Although there (MORE)
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Why are there ghost?

Well, there is no prooven answer to why ghosts are here, it believed they have/had unfinished business. I believe we have them because they ether couldn't find the light and a (MORE)
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Are ghosts there?

Well, if you believe in ghosts, your not alone. Many people belivein ghosts but , personal experience is one thing, but scientificevidence is another matter. I personally beli (MORE)
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Where is ghosts?

Ghosts "is" not really inside our universe really. You have toimagine our universe as being a ball. But it's a four dimensionalone... We can't get off our universe-ball. Just (MORE)