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What does synagogue mean?

The word synagogue means the place of worship for a Jewish congregation. It is based on a Greek word meaning "place of assembly."
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What does a cantor in a synagogue do?

A Cantor Sings in the worship services in a Synagogue. It's a Jewish person who worships and leads the singing in a synagogue. I am actually reading a book about it right now. (MORE)
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How will a synagogue be used?

A synagogue is a Jewish place of worship so they use it for praying, gathering, and study . They gather for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvot celebration, funerals, and other Jewi (MORE)
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What is synagogue and temple?

They are basically place of worship for Jews. The word temple is used more by the Reform Jews, whereas a Synagogue is the traditional Orthodox name for it. In Hebrew, the word (MORE)
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What is the role of the synagogue?

The synagogue's primary purpose is communal prayer, but a it's notjust a place for worship. For some prayers, the presence of tenadult men (or men and women in Liberal Judaism (MORE)
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Who is allowed in a Synagogue?

There's no reason that a Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Atheist, or anybody else, would ever not be allowed in a synagogue, as long as the person's behavior is respectful and a (MORE)
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Do synagogues have an organ?

In round numbers, organs are approximately as rare in synagogues as they are common in Christian churches. Since musical instruments can't be used on Sabbath or festivals (MORE)

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