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What was the purpose of the Gi bill?

The GI Bill provided many subsidies for veterans. Money for education was one of the most important. This was part of the effort to smooth the abrupt change to a postwar econo (MORE)

What does the GI in GI Bill stand for?

GI or G.I. is a term describing a member of the US armed forces or  an item of their equipment. It may be used as an adjective or as a  noun. The term is often thought to be (MORE)
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What was one result of the GI Bill?

The middle class expanded as working class men were able to go to  college
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What happened as a result of the GI Bill?

  More than 1 million World War II veterans enrolled in college in 1946
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What are the benefits of Montgomery Gi Bill?

"There are quite a few benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill. In the past the bill would only cover higher education expenses. However, this bill covers on-the-job training, appr (MORE)
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What caused the GI Bill?

The GI Bill came about after World War II. President Franklin  Roosevelt signed the act into law in 1944 as a way to provide funds  for veterans to attend college.
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How did the GI Bill effect society?

The Serviceman's Readjustment Act of 1944 or the (GI Bill of  Rights). It provided returning veterans the opportunity for a good  life via a free college education or low in (MORE)

How did the GI bill effect education?

Allowed more people to afford college. Can you believe that certain colleges won't accept your GI Bill! This is absolutely crazy after all your hard years of service you migh (MORE)