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What famous church in Vatican cityitaly was giacomo della porta was the architect?

Giacomo della Porta's most famous church is probably the "Chiesa del Gesù" (lit. Church of the Gesu) in Rome. He also participated in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican (if I'm (MORE)
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What did Albert Porta predict for December 17 1919?

He a well respected meteorologist concluded that on December 17th the conjunction of six planets would lead to the end of the world. Porta stated that the conjunction of the s (MORE)
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What does the term porta mean in porta potty?

The term porta is actually short for portable meaning it can be moved from place to place. Porta pottys are usually found in parks and recreational places so there is no need (MORE)

What is the cultural significance of Augustus of prima porta?

The statue of Augustus of Prima Porta was commissioned by the senate in honour of Augustus. This statue is part of the shift from republican to imperial art and of the kind of (MORE)