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Why are the Giants called the Giants?

From the Giants own history section of their web site, "On June 3, after a rousing extra-innings victory over Philadelphia, manager Jim Mutrie was so overcome with emotion tha (MORE)
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What is force?

Force is the amount of pressure placed on an object. It can be looked at as a "push" or "pull" to see it another way. Force might actually be anything that will cause somethin (MORE)

What can forces do?

Force makes objects change their direction. Though this does not mean without force all would be still as the man before me has said (There would be nothing to be still). It g (MORE)

What is forces?

Forces is defined as anything that causes an acceleration on an object when applied. The force on an object causes it to change its motion which we called acceleration.

What can force do?

A. It can stop objects that are in motion. Force can change or deform an object's shape and feature. It can move a steady object (because force is a "push" or "pull").
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What can a force do?

a force is something that you apply to an object    - it can move    -change shape    -change direction    -slow it down    -make it faster