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What worms do you use for a worm farms?

The worms most suitable for worm farms are usually red worms (also known as red wrigglers or manure worms), blue worms or tiger worms. Do not use nightcrawlers or earthworms w (MORE)

Do worms have blood?

No, they are filled with a substance that is similar to puss. great right? Try chopping one in half if you must...:/

What do you feed worms in a worm farm?

You can feed them from most kitchen leftovers, just remember that you cannot give them any cooked food, only raw food and also avoid potato and onion, even if it is raw. Thus (MORE)

Why are the worms not multiplying in your worm farm?

Worms need the right temperature to breed. They need to be kept cool and away from direct sunlight except perhaps in the northern winter. The ideal temperature is 65 to 77 deg (MORE)

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