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Is gibberish a language?

Gibberish - otherwise called 'nonsense' By meaning, "gibberish" is a collection of letters, words, combinations of letter-sounds, or excessive punctuations used in writing, (MORE)

What is Gibberish?

Gibberish is talking that sounds like speech, but is incomprehensible and illogical. It can also be made up language. Gibberish is: - When someone talks rapidly about unim (MORE)

How do you speak gibberish?

Gibberish is not a real language, but if you are talking about the  code called "Gibberish," follow these steps:    First you need to make sure you know how to break wo (MORE)

How do you remove gibberish appearing in your Yahoo Messenger window while chatting after being infected by a friend who visited

Well first trying going to the control panel of your computer and click on the icon that reads add/remove programs. Uninstall yahoo messenger from your computer. Then, run a (MORE)