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What is a gift?

A gift is a thing that you give someone for a special event like there birthday or Christmas and events like that!
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What is the gift of gifts?

Love:) Sincerity, honesty Answer I have never heard of this but I would say it was the Holy Spirit what a Gift He is.
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What were the gifts in?

the gift present love the love of your friends ,your families , your lovers and so on a gift is a kind of love
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What is gift?

gift is a thing from a person to give to another person. it is mostly wrapped, or's popular for common ocassions, such a s bdays
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What gifts do we have?

Normally you give gifts at the major holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day, father's day and valentine's day. you can either make them, buy the ( Full Answer )
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Do we have to say gifted for or gifted at?

As in being innately skilled at something? Gifted at. "Justine is gifted at languages, but not sports." Conversely, though, you would say that someone has a gift for someth ( Full Answer )
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What gift do you have?

With the holiday season upon us, there are so many gifts to give. A few examples of gifts that I will be giving my family members this year are solar power path lights for my ( Full Answer )
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When can you receive gifts from your mystery gift?

After you go to a special event (for example, at your local Gamestop), you may receive a Mystery Gift (there is no guarantee that you will though). If you do, go to the "Myste ( Full Answer )
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How do you ask for gift cards as gifts?

You get over your fear of talking to others and ask them to buy you a gift card because its all you need.
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When do you get gifts?

You can get gifts at any time for any occasion. To remembersomething or unforgettable smoebody. I got the most memorable giftfrom my mom when I were a little baby. That's a ne ( Full Answer )