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Why was there a debate on women's fashion in the gilded age?

There was a debate on women's fashion in the Gilded Age because not everyone agreed on the change. Women wanted a change in the way they dressed because it was uncomfortable, (MORE)

What role did Jekyll island play in America history during the Gilded Age?

In the late 1800's, some of the most influential millionaires in America formed the Jekyll Island Club, a hunting club where they could get away from the pressures of their bu (MORE)

What did historians mean by the term Gilded Age?

Mark Twain came up with the term "Gilded Age": dazzling on the surface, base metal below. The time was all about wealth and appearance. Underneath the surface you see corrupti (MORE)

How important are the Urban Bosses And Machine Politics to the gilded age?

Political Bosses and Machines were the backbone of the gilded age.  They held down reformers for big business and improved the living  conditions (not working conditions) of (MORE)