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What are gills?

The plural "gills" is the collective term for the breathing tissuesof fish, amphibians, and some crustaceans. These animals use theirgills to extract oxygen from water.
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Do fish have gills?

Yes, fish have gills. YES FISH HAVE GILLS the gills are used for the output(takeing the water away) of water after the fish has extracted(picked out) the oxegyn from the wate ( Full Answer )
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Do dolphins have gills?

No they do not! they are mammals so they have lungs like us. theybreathe through a blowhole that's on the top of their heads. But however, one theory says that a dolphin has g ( Full Answer )
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Do gills have their own gills?

no, because then those gills gills would need gills and they would need gills and so on, so on. They have specialised cells instead.
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Do scallops have gills?

Scallops have gills which are located directly under the posterior adductor muscle in the region of mephridia.
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Why do seals have gills?

Seals don't have gills. Seals are mammals, and breathe pretty muchlike you and I, with lungs.
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What is gill respiration?

The gill of a fish removes dissolved oxygen from the water it lives in. In humans the lung performs a similar role by separating oxygen from the air which is mostly nitrogen.
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How are gills an adaptation?

They live in water so they developed gills so they could survive in an underwater environment
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Why do you not have gills?

Land mammals do not have gills because there is no water needed to filter out to get oxygen. Fish have gills because they need to filter out water (and other objects) to get t ( Full Answer )