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Is there anything you can do to save gas that is not a gimmick?

Fuel saving devices are gimmicks and do not work. There are a few things you can do. Make sure the engine is running as it should. Change the Air Filter every 30,000 miles at ( Full Answer )
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What does gimmick stand for?

It's a souvenir stand at an event. "Gimmick Stand" is a popular slang (i.e. "carny") term in the pro-wrestling business.
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What is advertising Gimmicks?

Advertising gimmicks are unquantifiable claims such as best pizza in the town or a monkey in cell phone ads
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What is the raven gimmick?

well the raven gimmick is a gimmick used in magic that vanishes coins from anybodys handd not just yours. If uyou want to see how this works you can make it for a very cheap p ( Full Answer )
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What is a promotional gimmick?

In professional wrestling, a "promotional gimmick" is the advertising hype or angle used by promoters and managers to attract audiences to attend a match or watch on TV. Som ( Full Answer )
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Can you remember what a gimmick was?

A gimmick is a small capacitor built by twisting two wires together. You adjust the capacitance by changing the number of twists.
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What does gimmick mean?

gimmick is a devise to draw your attention to bye the produced like kinder eggs they have a little toy with every egg it makes you want to bye the egg so you get the little to ( Full Answer )
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What is Ecw Raven gimmick?

Raven is a character portrayed by Scott Levy. Levy used the gimmic "Johnny Polo" during his first run in WWF. Between leaving the WWF and joining ECW, Polo's state of mind was ( Full Answer )
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What is a muscle suspension gimmick?

It's basically a leg brace that can go either around the shin area or the entire leg. Basically it can hold that are still while supporting counter weight i.e, leaning in th ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of a gimmick?

A gimmick is anything used to trick someone into believing something that is probably not true. False advertising is an example of a widespread use of gimmicks to sell produc ( Full Answer )