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What did the cotton gin do?

The cotton gin helped to clean the cotton fibers. It had comb like structures that rotated to take dirt, bugs, and othere things out of the fibers. This made it ready to be ma (MORE)

What is the cotton gin?

The Cotton Gin was a machine that quickly and easily separates the cottonseeds from cotton fiber. It helped farmers make more money and made production so much easier.

Who is Gin Ichimaru?

  Gin Ichimaru is a chracter from the series Bleach. He has silver hair and blue eyes, though most of the time his eyes are squinty, making them look like their closed.  (MORE)
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Is there sugar in gin?

Depends on the type of Gin. Dry gin or "London Dry Gin" is not made with sugar, the only additive allowed to be considered "dry" is water. Most distilled Gin's have added juni (MORE)

What is the cotton gin do?

The Cotton Gin is a machine invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. It was  originally the "Cotton Engine" but was changed to Cotton Gin. It is  a machine that takes the cotton (st (MORE)
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Is gin bad?

Depends. If it's cruddy gin, it's terrible to the taste. Maybe a nice Blue Sapphire or Tanqueray is quite delicious with some sours and a cherry. Gin, like all liquor, is tec (MORE)