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How old is Gina Cirone?

William Peterson, former star of the hit CBS drama CSI, married Gina Cirone in 2003. At the time of their wedding, it was widely reported that Mr. Peterson was 50 and Ms. Ciro (MORE)
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Who Gina Bouza?

She was a young wrestler who beat all her opponents, so her manager started putting her in the ring with animals. She was set to wrestle a baboon and it snapped her neck, kill (MORE)
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Who is Gina Neely?

Gina Neely is a co-owner of a family restaurant called "Down Home with the Neely's
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Who is gina lollobrigida's daughter?

She doesn"t have one. Her only child was a son, Miklos ( sort of a blend of Michael and Nicholas) who was born in l957 and this thus a year younger than this writer. I have be (MORE)
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What is one of Gina Lollobrigidas Nicknames?

  THE ROSE OF FAIR ITALY-PARAPHRASED FROM THE SONG (Santa Lucia) also she has been called The most Beautiful Girl in the World from l955 film of that name not released und (MORE)

Gina in Japanese?

Gina is Italian and is short for Regina- Queen, also a brand of vacuum cleaner, which used, obviously a crown trademark. The Japanese may well have honored Miss Lollobrigida w (MORE)