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What do you do with a girlfriend?

if your in it for the sex, go get a hooker because a girls feelings arent just things you can fool around with and do whatever you please. if you actually care about her only (MORE)

Why can not you get a girlfriend?

I know what we look for and you just have to be confident with yourself. Show a girl you like that you care by being nice to her or being funny if shes that kind of person. Ma (MORE)

Why does he have a girlfriend?

He has a girlfriend because he stepped up to the plate and took the risks. AND Because he took control and wasn't afraid to share how he felt to his crush. Also because he pro (MORE)

Can you be her girlfriend?

what do you mean? can two woman be called girlfriends? of course! Yes I could be her girlfriend except id have to undergo a sex change and that's never fun!
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How can I get a girlfriend?

You could find the girl you are like the most. Then become good friends with her it may take a little time after a couple of weeks or so you then ask her out and if she says y (MORE)

Can you be his girlfriends?

What exactly are you trying to ask? Are you asking if anyone need a boyfriend/girlfriend? This isn't helping. And if you are asking that kind of question, it's best to ask (MORE)

Why are you with your girlfriend?

I am with my girlfriend because she stood out from other girls in a way i did not think it was possible. The first time we met we both felt a click like a spark went off. I di (MORE)