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What is girth?

"Girth" most often means the distance around some solid object, usually the smallest possible such distance if the object has a complex shape. However, the words "smallest pos (MORE)

What is a horse girth?

Answer . The girth is a broad strap attached to the saddle. It goes under the horse's belly and must be fastened tightly. The girth is what holds the saddle on the horse's (MORE)

How do you measure girth?

You measure the girth of something by using a flexible or clothmeasuring tape. Use this measuring tape to wrap around the objectto measure the circumference.

Girth of a box?

The Girth Formula for a box is this: 2x (width + height)..... for example if a box's length measures 30" along each side, the width being the measurement of the smaller adjace (MORE)

What is girth and diameter?

girth: (noun) the distance around something, especially a rounded form; circumference It is often applied to trees, columns, and sometimes people. A diameter is the widest (MORE)
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Why is girth important?

Medically, the term "girth" refers to the measurement around the waist. "Girth" usually describes someone who has gained a lot of belly fat. A person with a large girth fac (MORE)
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What is a girth of a snake?

The girth of a snake can be anything from a few inches to three feet or more (in the case of a large python on anaconda) !
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What is a girth?

Girth is the measured distance around an object. It is sometimes used to refer to the varying sizes of people and animals ("He has a larger girth than the two of them put toge (MORE)

How do you determine girth?

Of a tree, breast height is the common height. For your belly - around the navel. For a horse, around the largest part of the stomach - or a very little forward - where the gi (MORE)