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What is Gisele Bundchen's fan mail address?

Fans can write to Gisele at Gisele Bundchen, IMG Models N.Y., 304  Park Avenue South, Penthouse North, New York, NY 10010-4301. She  was born in Brazil in 1980.
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How many children did Gisele Mackenzie have?

Gisele had two children by her manager and former bandleader, Bob Shuttleworth. Their names are MacKenzie Duffy and Gisele Melissa, called Gigi. Gigi has achieved some promine (MORE)

Did Eddie Vedder have an affair with Giselle Bunschen?

Yes and with lots of others as well mainly because his so called wife just had a miscarriage and she's now infertile and he's desperate to have another child.
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