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How do you pronounce the Italian name Giuseppe?

Actually, I'm sure the name "Giuseppe" is pronounced as "You-sehp-eh," if you say it fast enough. Juh-sep-ee, I think   ANSWER: Jew-sepp-aaa yeah if u wanna pronounce (MORE)
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Who is Giuseppe Viscovich?

  "Giuseppe Viscovich was a Venetian count. He was the Captain of the town of Perasto (now in Montenegro), the last territory of the Republic of Venice to surrender to the (MORE)

Did Giuseppe Verdi have siblings?

Yes. He had a younger sister who died in childhood, whose name was supposedly Giuseppa, but some records say her name was Virginia. Virginia was also Verdi's daughter's name. (MORE)

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Who is Giuseppe Arcimboldo?

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a man who had make paintings made from something what had to do with that person, like a farmer with a head made of vegetables.

What has the author Giuseppe Sermonti written?

Giuseppe Sermonti has written: 'Fiabe del sottosuolo' -- subject(s): Fairy tales, History and criticism 'Il tao della biologia' -- subject(s): Human evolution 'Il mito d (MORE)