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How do you take care of a hamster after it gives birth?

  Answer     As long as it was receiving proper care before it gave birth, just keep up with the routine. Keep her away from any drafts, and leave her nest alon (MORE)

Have long does it take for a hamster to give birth?

it takes about 20 to 30 days for a hamster to give birth if she is frighten she will eat her babies so try not to scare her she doesn't do this on purpose she is trying to pro (MORE)

How long does it take for a chihuahua to give birth?

It takes from 61-64 days. It can also vary on the maturity of the female.
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How long does it take for horse to give birth?

Well, all my horses took about 10 to 20 minutes, but the maximum  amount of time would be about 1 hour, if struggling and receiving  no assistance. I think the longest amoun (MORE)

How long does it take for a goat to give birth?

  it takes 5 months or 150 to 155 days for a goat to finally have its kid
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Does God give and take away life?

This is certainly what many Christians, Jews and Muslims believe. Others say that there is no evidence that God gives life, because this comes from the act of procreation. Th (MORE)

What do plants take in and give out during photosynthesis?

 carbon dioxide + water (+ light energy) � glucose +  oxygen  Plants get CO2 and give out O2.  Although photosynthesis is performed differently by different  spec (MORE)