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Where their women gladiators?

  Yes there were. Women also fought as gladiators but, they were also known as gladiatrices. The women wore what the men would usually wear. More often Emperor Domitian wa (MORE)

Who were the gladiators and what did they do?

In ancient Rome, gladiators fought, often to the death, to entertain crowds of spectators. Gladiators were trained in ludi ([sg. ludus]) to fight well in circuses (or the Colo (MORE)

Who was the emperor in 'Gladiator'?

commodus   There were two. Richard Harris played the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The next emperor, his son Commodus, was played by Joaquin Phoenix.
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What is gladiator fighting?

when two gladiators fight to the death. It is to honor gods. It was for entertainment and enjoyment.
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Where did gladiators fight?

Gladiators would fight in massive Amphitheaters. Gladiator fights weren't just for fun and games they were also religious ceremonies. The most famous Amphitheater is the Colos (MORE)

Were Gladiators slaves?

They were not usually slaves in the terms of cooking and cleaning.  However, they were usually owned by other men. They were forced to  fight in the arena. It was not usuall (MORE)

What rules did gladiators have?

The rules of the gladiatorial contests varied. There was a senior referee, the summa rudis, and an assistant who had staffs (rudes) which were used to caution or separate oppo (MORE)

Gladiator was filmed where?

The film "Gladiator" was filmed in three main locations between  January-May 1999 : in the Bourne Woods, near Farnham, Surrey in  England , the scenes of slavery, desert tra (MORE)

Why were there gladiators?

Before the Colloseum, gladiators put on shows at funerals. Later the Colloseum was built and Emperors such as Julius Cesear and Hadrian funded gladiator fights for entertainme (MORE)