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What did gladiators do?

Gladiators were mainly of two types - actual gladiators (a lot likemodern boxers) or prisoners of war. Actual gladiators were fighters who wished to test their battleskills as (MORE)

What is a gladiator?

A gladiator was a warrior (usually a slave or prisoner) who competed in various gladiatorial events. They would fight in rings and be pit up against animals, or other gladiato (MORE)

Who were the gladiators and what did they do?

In ancient Rome, gladiators fought, often to the death, to entertain crowds of spectators. Gladiators were trained in ludi ([sg. ludus ]) to fight well in circuses (or th (MORE)

What did gladiators do and why?

gladiators fought each other as public entertainment though thepractice stated as funeral games to please dead sprits.most wereforced to fight and only a few were volunteers. (MORE)

Why did gladiators do what they did?

gladiators had to fight because they were slaves and their masterstold them to do it.when in the arena they had to fight and win orfight well and lose or they would be killed. (MORE)

What did gladiaters do?

Gladiators were swordsmen, or warriors, who fought in the arena. Gladiators ranged from Emperors to Slaves, but were mostly slaves. If people were to be executed the would be (MORE)
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Who are gladiators?

gladiators were professional killers who provided entertainment forthe emperor and the people of the roman empire.they fought in manyclasses and carried weapons for their uniq (MORE)