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How did the gladiators get free?

Gladiators earned thier freedom by winning 30 battles or doing someting heroic such as risking thier own lifes for a fellow gladiator. Once they were set free they were given (MORE)

What tattoos did gladiators have?

Gladiators brandished tattoos. Often these were facial tattoos that depicted religious themes or personages. Many also emblazoned their faces with images that were thought to (MORE)

What is a gladiator?

A gladiator was a warrior (usually a slave or prisoner) who competed in various gladiatorial events. They would fight in rings and be pit up against animals, or other gladiato (MORE)

Who were the gladiators and what did they do?

In ancient Rome, gladiators fought, often to the death, to entertain crowds of spectators. Gladiators were trained in ludi ([sg. ludus]) to fight well in circuses (or the Colo (MORE)

Why did gladiators do what they did?

gladiators had to fight because they were slaves and their masters  told them to do it.when in the arena they had to fight and win or  fight well and lose or they would be k (MORE)

How did gladiators die?

they can get stabbed in combat and die from their wounds, or if they did not put up a good fight and lost, their opponent could get permission to kill them. Some of them were (MORE)

How did gladiators win?

This was quite complex in actuality. There is a common misconception that Gladiators were simply out to kill, but recent evidence supports quite another truth. Skeletons unear (MORE)

Why were there gladiators?

Before the Colloseum, gladiators put on shows at funerals. Later the Colloseum was built and Emperors such as Julius Cesear and Hadrian funded gladiator fights for entertainme (MORE)