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Did gladys knight discovered the Jackson 5?

  Gladys Knight saw the Jackson 5 at an amateur contest. She informed Berry Gordy of their awesome talent. It was not until another Motown star mentioned them to Berry tha (MORE)
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Did gladys knight sing a rainy night in Georgia?

YES, Gladys Knight & The Pips covered this song in 1988. Rainy Night in Georgia was written by Tony Joe White
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Who is Gladys Knight married to?

Gladys Knight has been married four times.   In 1960, Gladys Knight married her high school sweetheart James Newman. In 1962, she gave birth to a son, Jimmy III. In 1963, (MORE)

Did gladys knight get plastic surgery?

Gladys Knight is an American singer/songwriter and author. She was  born on May 28, 1944. It appears that Gladys did not get plastic  surgery and that at almost 70 years old (MORE)

What religion os Gladys Knight?

She is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints Mormon Church I know, because I belong to the same religioin
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Was Gladys Knight married to berry gordy?

No, Gladys Knight was married to Les Brown. Berry Gordy has had a few wives and a girlfriend Diana Ross.
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