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What is a gland?

gland 1. A cell, a group of cells, or an organ that produces a secretion for use elsewhere in the body or in a body cavity or for elimination from the body. 2. Any of var (MORE)

What is gland?

The tissue site where hormones are secreted in the body of living organisms is called a gland,e.g.Thyroid Gland.etc etc.
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Is there a gland called happy gland?

Anatomically, no. But mentally, I like to think yes. I refer to happy gland a lot, and it is really used for nothing more than to express the amount of happiness you feel that (MORE)

What glands are controlled by pituitary gland?

The pituitary gland controls the release of hormones by many glands 1.) Primary glands- glands who's main purpose is to create and secrete hormones 2.) Secondary glands-Gland (MORE)