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What is the best description of the phrase the glass ceiling?

'The glass ceiling' is a phrase that illustrates a barrier towards  advancement. Most commonly it is used to describe the difficulty  women have found in the business world. (MORE)

What does the term 'glass ceiling' mean?

  It means there's a (mostly invisible) limit to how high you can go. The expression is used mostly in a corporate environment. Some women find that they can't get promote (MORE)

What does Glass ceiling glass walls or glass escalator mean?

A glass ceiling in an organisation is an unofficially bar to the promotion of certain types of staff, normally women. It is called glass because its not obviously there, but i (MORE)

What is the meaning of Glass ceiling glass walls glass escalator's?

a glass ceiling refers to a barrier between what one wants to acheive and oneself, usually created by society's expectations of what one can or can't do as part of a particula (MORE)
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What are glasses?

Glasses have a glass lense surrounded by a frame. For some people, things are fuzzy and they either get glasses or contact lenses. If people can not read something that is far (MORE)
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What do you do after you get the glasses?

use them and clean them regularly/when needed. get yearly eye sight check ups, to know if you need new frames ( when your, myopia, astigmatism, etc increase or even when they (MORE)

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What does the 'glass ceiling' refer to in a business context?

A glass ceiling refers to an imaginary limit one places on oneself. In a business context; say your company is manufacturing 50 units per shift. This has been the norm for a g (MORE)