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What is the difference of cove ceiling and trey ceiling?

A cove ceiling is curved at the sides to meet the walls, instead of having a 90° angle (or other angle).  A tray ceiling (note the correct spelling) has two or more stepped (MORE)
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What do playing cards on the ceiling symbolize?

It's an old card trick. A magician has someone sign a card, replace it in the pack. The magician throws the pack up in the air and the signed card sticks to the ceiling. Magic (MORE)

What is the standard ceiling height of a restaurant?

The standard height of a ceiling in a restaurant is typically eight  feet. Many restaurants choose to make the ceilings higher to add a  more open feeling to the restaurant. (MORE)

What is a coombe ceiling?

A coombe ceiling is one that slopes at an angle between a vertical room wall and the horizontal ceiling above. Usually found in attics, top floors or penthouses.
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What is ceiling broom?

A ceiling broom is used to wipe dust and cobwebs off a ceiling. It  is made of very soft material to avoid damage to ceiling.
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What is a Kadex Ceiling Finish?

Kadex us a type of joint compound specially formulated for concrete plank. It is typically used on plank ceilings in high end residential projects. More commonly known as cove (MORE)

Who invented ceilings?

The first caveman to get rained on and run into a cave. Caveman, cave ceiling. In fact, if he didn't go into the cave to find a ceiling, he would probably be called Rainma (MORE)
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What are ceiling eyes?

Ceiling eyes is a phrase used to describe someone who appears to be  disconcerted about something. It could also mean that they are in a  state of blank starring.
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What do you do after you get the glasses?

use them and clean them regularly/when needed. get yearly eye sight check ups, to know if you need new frames ( when your, myopia, astigmatism, etc increase or even when they (MORE)